Student Showcase Part 2: Angles/Triangles Personal Flag


July 25, 2013 by MrVente

Reading my blog, you’ve probably noticed how the Arts play an important role in my practice, as a means of differentiating instruction. The last few years, I’ve been integrating more Art into my math classes. For example, as one of the final tasks for our Geometry unit on angle properties and Pythagorean Theorem, students were asked to create a flag from felt that demonstrates their understanding of both angle properties and Pythagorean Theorem. There were some requirements for the project which included: at least a pair of parallel lines with a traversal, a pair of opposite angles, a pair of complementary angles, a pair of supplementary angles, and a right angle triangle with the measure of its hypotenuse. These requirements were to be labeled on a separate drawing of the flag, and then had to be executed using felt. Using felt proved to be a challenging medium as it is difficult to cut accurately but the students were up to the task.


Sadia’s flag had a lot of stuff on it, and the feedback I gave her was that it could be simplified a little more. She was, however, able to demonstrate her understanding of angle properties using yarn to create the specific properties. And yes, we again had a debate about the merits of One Direction.


Kais is a student that wasn’t known for his art work but his personal flag demonstrates strong knowledge and understanding, and also exemplifies the idea that the flag is a personal representation. The 2 half stars represent his parents who come together to form 1 star. The 4 smaller stars represent he and his 3 siblings. The Arabic writing on the top represents both his culture and religion.


Farha’s flag is also a great example of understanding of the math, and also the personal aspect of the flag. There are symbols representing being Muslim. Also, she demonstrates her pride in being Sri Lankan and Canadian. She explained that the sun and moon represent the dual nature of her personality.

3 thoughts on “Student Showcase Part 2: Angles/Triangles Personal Flag

  1. Stephanie Cross says:

    This looks like a great assessment! I really like how the assignment gives the students the opportunity to express their individuality, and represent what is important to them.

  2. angela says:

    This is awesome! Do you have directions? rubric? I would love to try this with my class!

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