Student Showcase #3: “My Imagined Place”

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January 3, 2014 by MrVente

WoW! I completely dropped the ball on my classroom blog. I guess that’s the way things go when you’re busy working, and having a life. I should make this one of my New Year’s Resolutions to regularly update my blog.

Anyhow, even though it’s the new school year, I didn’t have a chance to showcase more of my students’ work from last year, so this is the last installment of last year’s class work.

We were focusing on found objects and sculpture. The lesson for this particular assignment was influenced by the art from Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School Visual Arts Department  and the work of artist Louise Nevelson. Students were to think of a place that was special to them (real or imagined), and collect objects symbolizing that “Imagined Place”. After all objects, students glued them on to a piece of board, then spray-painted. The results were amazing.


This student’s imagined place was the beach. The objects chosen are obviously related to her theme.


This is one of the pieces with a similar theme. She described all the favourite things related to being a girl.


This is another beach related theme. She wanted to add a basket to her art but I said that she can represent a basket without putting an entire basket to her work. This is where the woven pattern came about. I wasn’t so keen about the purple added but it still works.


This piece was also related to being a girl, and it was probably the most complex of all the pieces (not to mention, the heaviest). The picture doesn’t do justice to the little found objects that make up the art.


If i remember correctly, the objects in this piece represented aspects of her family particularly the kids (lego, chess pieces etc.)


This is my favourite of the pieces because of the object chosen and the student’s description of her imagined place. These were objects found in the place she feels most safe, her home!


This was another piece that had to do with the fun things with being a girl.


This went through different iterations based on some of my feedback to the student. She described this imagined place as war-torn Sri Lanka.

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